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With Vango, earn as we grow

We are creating a strong community of artists that love to share and support each other. You will get a Vango NFT after the first generation which will be the key to our community. We are committed to sharing the profits generated by the platform amongst all community members.


No-code image generation

Easy step-by-step guide to generate your images. No code and no experience required

Visual image layer distribution

No more guessing! Visually estimate the quantity of images per layer shown in your collection

Preview collection before generation

Make sure your layers and rarities are visually perfect with our preview tools

Export collection

Download the generated images and all the metadata

Upcoming features

No-code smart contract

We are developing the most cost-efficient and flexible smart contract in the market

Mint gallery

Publish your collection with us, so you gain more exposure within the community and get more flexibility than OpenSea and Rarible. We will also promote your collection within our social media channels.

Vango, your key to the NFTool community

We are creating a strong community of artists that love to share and support each other. Vango will be the key to that community that will come packed with utilities and rewards for everyone


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. NFTs aren't interchangeable, which means each is one of a kind. They can come in the form of illustrations, animated GIFs, songs, items for video games, and other forms of digital art.
Some of the first NFTs ever made were PFPs, aka profile pics, designed to be used as avatars. CryptoPunks, Robotos, BAYC, Cool Cats, and Doodles are among the most famous PFP NFT projects.

NFTool is a tool for artists that would like to create their NFT collections without relying on third party developers. Besides, our aim is to create a thriving community of artists that share their passion and knowledge. Well, and why not, get some rewards for being part of NFTool journey.

NFTool removes the need of coding and provides a one-stop-atelier to generate your NFTs so that you can focus on what you are best at: creating amazing pieces of art.
With NFTool, you can design and upload your layers, control the rarities, preview your collection, and export your created images and metadata in simple and easy steps.

Glad you asked. Vangos are the key opening the doors to our community. We are planning lots of utilities and rewards that will come attached with our Vangos.

The sky's the limit, but usually projects don’t go beyond 10,000 NFTs

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